Waking the Children


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This week, we heard from Nigel and Mary about the importance of our youth and children— not only their future potential, but also their wisdom, curiosity, and rich spiritual lives right now. As we consider what it looks like to cultivate a space of belonging and support for our youngest congregants, let us also take the time to consider what they have to teach us. Take some time to call to mind the children in your life. They may be your own, or a relative, or the child of friends. If you don’t have a child who is close to you, it may be helpful to consider observed behavior, or even your own memories as a child. Think of a time when this child make you think, surprised you with an insight or observation, or brought you a new perspective. Once you have thought of an instance like this, spend some time in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to show you what characteristics about that child you may be called to embrace in your own life.

Now, take some time to prayerfully meditate on Matthew 18:1-5, asking for God to reveal to you places in your life where you can become more childlike, or where you can better welcome the children around you?

At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He called a child, whom he put among them, and said, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.

Feel free to share your experience with others who have also tried this prayer exercise by commenting below or emailing: spiritual.practices@annarborvineyard.org.

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