The Joyful Gospel

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This week, we explored the Advent theme of joy. As Pastor Donnell suggested, joy is rooted in gratitude. In order to be open to the generous and loving presence of God, who is always working for our good, we often have to train ourselves to look for the gifts that God is giving us. As we begin to notice and treasure the moments of genuine gratitude that we experience, even if they are small or simple, we may begin to notice a deeper sense of joy in our daily lives. This week, begin to keep a daily gratitude list.

1.) Try using a pen/pencil and paper. Something about physically writing something down is more contemplative, and sticks with you more deeply than other methods of recording.

2.) Start small. Consider the moments, however small or simple, that brought you joy. Don’t focus on the number of things that you list, or the things you think that you should be grateful for. Instead, take your time on the things that you are truly grateful for, offering a simple prayer of thanks as you consider them.

3.) Try to add to your list every day through Christmas, acknowledging something real that you are thankful for.

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