The Compassionate Father


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This week, Pastor Donnell encouraged us to take a closer look at our picture of God. He quoted Greg Boyd, who noted, “Your picture of God is the most important thing in your life.” In order to be willing to engage in a transformative relationship with God, allowing Jesus to renovate our hearts, we must first trust him. As you pray this week, I invite you to consider what your picture of God looks like. Begin with a simple prayer, asking for the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide you and sustain you as you pray.

When you are ready, begin to envision a picture that represents how you see God. Try to imagine an actual picture. Perhaps it is a picture of a person—a Middle Eastern man like Jesus, or an old, grumpy, white man in flowing robes. Or perhaps it is a place— a beautiful landscape, or a place of comfort or safety. Or maybe it is more abstract, manifesting in colors and shapes and a certain evocative feeling. Whatever it is, try not to judge your picture or shape it into how you think it should look. Instead, try to depict how you experience God, be it in prayer, worship, relationships, or how you see God in the world. Try to reflect the emotions and images you gravitate toward naturally. How do you feel as you consider this picture? Does it accurately represent your relationship with God? Does it reflect the loving, kind, patient faithfulness that the Scriptures describe for us? As you pray, as the Holy Spirit to reveal to you a more accurate and helpful picture of who God is, in order that you can trust more deeply and partner with the ongoing renovation of your heart.

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