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This week, we were encouraged to consider a tension that we often experience between knowing that we are loved and accepted by God and knowing that we are also called to transformation and growth in Christlikeness.

Do you find that you resonate with one of these more than the other?

Most of us do. Perhaps it comes in seasons, or maybe you have always leaned toward one of these more than the other. Take a few minutes to consider this tension. How do you feel? What emotions arise as you contemplate this? What thoughts come to mind? Do you feel closer to God or farther away as you examine this challenging center of our faith? Sit with these thoughts and feelings for a few moments. When you are ready, pray for wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Is Jesus calling you to a deeper knowledge and understanding of his profound love and acceptance of you? Is Jesus nudging you towards an area of transformation in your life? Perhaps both? If you feel lead, ask for guidance on what steps you may be called to take as you seek to press in to this beautiful tension.

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