More Than Enough People: Sacrificial Living


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We exist in community as the body of Christ, all of us united by our shared love of Jesus. This means that we care for each other as Jesus cares for us, and whenever possible we take care of each other. We are also called to care for a greater community of people outside of the church as the hands and feet of Jesus.

God has blessed us all with different gifts, abilities, and possessions. We come together as one body with many different members, and pool all these gifts, abilities and possessions. What if we were able to lean more fully on each other as a community for our needs? Do we feel like our community is a safe place where we can be vulnerable and express our needs, and also help those that may have different needs to us? We would like to do an exercise in examining what we have and also may be able to give away. This could be something material, it could be a service, it could be a gift or talent. We would also like to look at what it is that we may be in need of. The purpose is simply to bring to our awareness what we have, and what we have need of, and to be open to the possibility that there may be someone in our community with a need that matches our excess and at the same time someone else may be able to meet a need that you have, and that God could work through our community to bring us together to support each other.


Take a few minutes to settle yourself down. Find a quiet comfortable spot and take a few slow, deep breaths. Imagine God is with you in the room, imagine you are working on the practical tip together.

For the first part of the practical tip, take a pen and paper to write this down if you would like to, and reflect on all that God has blessed you with. This could be gifts, talents, skills, qualities (empathy, compassion, good listener), material possessions, friends, community, anything that you feel that you have that is a blessing in your life.

Now take some time to reflect on things that you feel you have a need for. This also could be similar to above: material, a service or a gift (friendship, prayer, support). If you would like to surrender this to God feel free to write this down as well.

Now take some time to compare the two lists: do you hear God speaking to you as you compare the lists? What is God saying? How do you feel when you look at all you have been blessed with? Is God asking you to respond in some way? How do you feel when you look at your needs? Are they mostly material or are they immaterial? How might God respond to these?

Spend some time reflecting on how your blessings may also be opportunities to bless others. Spend some time surrendering your needs to God’s care.

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