Jesus is the Good Physician


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This week, we are going to follow Pastor Donnell’s third suggestion from his sermon:  Renew your mind, or How do I truly feel about God?

Start by finding some time, say 5-10 minutes, to sit quietly and not be bothered by interruptions.  Invite God to join you.  Consider your picture of God.  Is he (or she) an angry God, watching for the time and place that you fail to please him (or her), so he (or she) can punish you?  Is God the giver of good gifts, who always seeks what is good for us?  Is God the good physician, looking for the sick so he can heal them?  How else might God “be” for you?

Sit with your image of God for a minute or two.  Ask God to look at your image of God, too.  Try to imagine the two of you looking at your image.  Is the image staying the same or is it changing?  Can you imagine what God thinks about your image of God?

Let’s go through the list again, only this time trying to look more closely at what each one might mean for us and others.

If you think God is an angry God, consider where or from whom you got this image.  Was it a parent, teacher, preacher, friend? Was it based on a story from the Bible, like the Israelites getting punished in the desert for disobeying God, or Ananias and Sapphira being struck down in chapter 5 of the Acts of the Apostles for lying?  Does this seem to be the way that God always works, or do these seem to be exceptions to you?  Are there other people who you think are failing God?  How does God treat them?  How do you view them?  How does God view you?

If you think that God is a giver of good gifts, what kind of a giver is he?  Is God like Santa Claus, who shows up from time to time and gives good gifts to everyone, and then leaves it up to them to determine how to use them?  Is God like a good parent, ready to provide whatever is needed to help their child, but respecting their individuality, their adulthood.

If you think that God is the good physician, how do you look at yourself?  Are you sick, needing healing?  Are you helping God care for the ill?  Who are the ill and what is their illness?  How does God feel about the ill while he is caring for them?  How does God feel about those who he thinks are ill, but who don’t think that they are ill?

After looking a bit deeper into your image of God, sit quietly for a few minutes.  Talk to God about your image and what it might mean for your life.  Take some notes of any significant thoughts or feelings that you have had during this time.

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