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This week, we will reflect on Julius’ sermon on faithfulness.  Jesus was faithful to his father.  Jesus calls us to be faithful to him.  Julius also gave us a brief sketch of the life of Mother Theresa, a Catholic nun who dedicated her life to serving the dying, ill and poor around the world and particularly in India.  She was faithful to this calling despite experiencing little encouragement from God in prayer beyond her initial call to serve these people in this way.

Julius encouraged us to prayerfully consider what it would look like to live a life marked by faith in the living God.  So first, as usual, find a time when you will be free from interruption for a significant amount of time.  Invite God to be present with you.  Offer God the tasks, challenges, disappointments, etc. which are currently on your mind.  Give them into God’s care.  With God, look at the areas of your life where you are currently faithful to someone or something. These could be exercise, a significant other, work, school, a spouse, children, a sport or hobby, or a number of other things.  You might want to write these down.

Beginning with the one at which you are most successfully faithful, ask your what it is that motivates you to do it so faithfully.  A number of reasons might come to mind.  If so, ponder them in God’s presence and see if one doesn’t rise to the top as the most important or most motivating.  Invite God to sit with you and look at this reason.  How does it relate to your relationship with God and his purpose for you as you understand it at this time?  Write down any important insight that you might have.

Move to the second item on your list (the area which you are next most faithful to).  Again, consider why you think you are so faithful to it.  With God, look at this reason and how He might look at it.

Next, prayerfully consider what it would look like to live a life marked by faith in the living God.  What might stay the same in your life and what might look differently?  How might our community be changed if your life reflected more faithfulness in God?

If anything comes to mind, write them down.  Go over them in God’s presence.  Does one stick out or does one seem to be more important to God?  Take a few minutes to ponder this one in God’s presence.  How would your life look differently?  How might you feel?  Would there be excitement?  Fear?  Share your feelings with God.  Write down any important insights which you have.  Consider sharing these with a friend, life group or other significant person in your life.  If you sense that you should take some concrete action, share this as well.

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