Heroic Patience

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This week, our Family Life Pastor Nigel Berry, explored the idea of heroic patience found in James 5:7-11. Being patient in the in between spaces of our lives is not a passive experience, but an active one. Much of our transformation takes place in these seasons of waiting, but it can be difficult to recognize it. We tend to focus on the highlights of our lives, and can sometimes miss the subtle work of the Spirit in our lives that is happening all the time.

As we sit with this challenging call to heroic patience, take some time to prayerfully identify a “gap” in your life where God brought transformation or healing during an in between time. Settle yourself comfortably, and take a few minutes to wait and to listen to the invitation of God. Ask the Spirit to point out a time in your life that has contributed to your growth in ways you may not have noticed in the past. When something comes to mind, take some time to prayerfully remember it. Seek out the details that you remember. How did you experience the provision and love of God during this time? What did you miss at the time that seems clear now that you look back on it? What did you learn? As you feel led, respond with a prayer of gratitude, and ask that as you move forward, an increased awareness of God’s ongoing activity in your life is cultivated. Consider writing down your reflections and experiences or sharing them with someone you trust. We would love to hear your story as well. You can email it to us at stories@annarborvineyard.org or tell it to us in person.

Feel free to share your experience with others who have also tried this prayer exercise by commenting below or emailing: spiritual.practices@annarborvineyard.org.

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