Getting Heaven Into Us


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We are not on a quest to finding the kingdom of God, rather; the kingdom of God comes to us. It’s not about us going to heaven. Heaven and God’s rule comes to earth through our faithful, Spirit-led lives. Unfortunately, we can be blind to many aspects of God’s kingdom which might be occurring right in our very midst already.

As you pray this week, share your idea of the kingdom of God with God. You might include your own hopes and dreams about how God’s kingdom will come about, including how you hope to be part of the kingdom. Your description of the kingdom might be the same as Pastor Donnell described on Sunday, or it might be different.

You might ponder some of Pastor Donnell’s main points about the role of repenting of living in the ordinary, pre-kingdom world and having a willingness to live in the very different world which Jesus describes and lives.

You might ponder the level of faith in Jesus and his message that is required to do this. Maybe you were caught by the notion that the kingdom starts like a very small seed and grows into a modest tree. Or maybe the idea that the kingdom comes to us rather than us going to it struck you.

Regardless of which of these points struck you in a particular or personal way, let yourself be present to God as you consider it.

Quietly consider how God might be receiving your thoughts or words or pictures in your mind. Is God responding in any particular way? Is the Spirit speaking to you or “inspiring” you with faith, a desire to repent, clearer vision of ways that the kingdom might already be breaking into this world? If so, sit with these perceptions for a few minutes, sharing them with God, looking for a confirmation that they are indeed from God. If not, you might note which aspect of the kingdom of God strikes you as important for you personally.

Later in the week, come back to this aspect in God’s presence and invite Him to help you to see his kingdom more clearly.

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