Following God in an Unstable World: Sermon #1


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In the face of evil and injustice it is easy to feel paralyzed and afraid. We are also often inclined toward anger and retributive responses. As we consider this week what it looks like to partner with Jesus in the restorative work he is already doing in the world, let us take a few minutes to identify our initial emotional response to evil and injustice.

Do you feel powerless? Afraid? Perhaps angry? Vengeful? Heartbroken? Fearful? Most likely you feel a mixture of these, or other, emotions.

Allow yourself to feel that emotion or mix of emotions deeply. It may be helpful to picture your response to a recent injustice or tragedy— either large or small. Don’t try to talk yourself out of how you feel, or rationalize why you feel that way. Simply allow your response to wash over you.

Now invite the Holy Spirit to join you in your experience of that emotion. We know that God is at work in the world, that our Creator hears our cries and is moved by them. Take a few moments to recognize God’s nearness to you in your emotion.

As you become increasingly aware of the nearness and love of God as you face the realities of evil and injustice, ask God for a small, feasible way for you to partner with the work of God’s justice and peace that is already underway. It may be helpful to focus on on something from one of these three areas:

  • Do Justice: Ask the Holy Spirit to identify a small, practical way for you to act justly in your daily life.
  • Love Kindness: Ask the Holy Spirit to highlight a way that you can practice the faithful, persistent love of Jesus in your everyday.
  • Walk Humbly with your God: Ask the Holy Spirit to deepen your awareness and experience of the good and loving God in your life.

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