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Engaging the Practical Tip

We start our transformation with our acceptance of God’s kindness, forbearance, patience. Imagine with me one of those dreaded “trust-fall” exercises, you know where you have to trust that the people around you will catch you. Accepting God’s kindness, forgiveness, and patience is just like that except, you can’t see who is going to catch you. This is a very active letting go, you’re been holding onto a rope for dear life and then Jesus says, “trust me” so you have to let go. You have to let go of fear, of your false self, control, power, and fall into powerlessness and vulnerability suspending your disbelief and trust that you are falling up into God’s love, kindness, forgiveness, and acceptance. Read more, listen to the sermon audio, watch the video.

Getting Started

James Bryan Smith and Dallas Willard offer us a reliable method of changing our lives. It’s not complicated or difficult. And It doesn’t rely on our willpower either.

They have this triangle of transformation. It has four elements: (1) changing the stories in our minds, (2) engaging in new practices (3) in reflection and dialogue with others who are on the same path, (4) all under the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are going to dive much deeper into each of these points over the next few weeks.

But today we look at the first step of transformation: learning to trust ourselves to God. This is a form of surrender.

Here’s a practical tip: It might be helpful for us to take this time of the new year to write down our hopes and dreams and present them to God in prayer.  As we do this, try to become aware of the way that we are striving on our own to achieve these hopes and dreams, or expecting others to get with our plans and help us. Doing this will give God a chance to speak to us about whether he has the same hopes and dreams for us and if so, whether we are trusting him to make them happen.

The other practical tip I want to offer for series is practicing being present. Three steps:

  1. Relax.
  2. Trust God for later.
  3. Relax. And be present to what is happening around you.

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