Developing Trust, Surrendering Fear


Let’s practice spiritual discipline of practicing the presence of God by trying to experience every moment as a gift of God. As we increase our awareness of God in our everyday, this allows us to become aligned with God.

This week, try using fixed hour prayers to alert you to God’s presence with you.

A brief case for The Divine Hours and how it may help with daily prayer:
1. It is a manual for prayer. A manual! Something that shows you how to do the thing you want to do, step by step. 2. It makes use of the Psalms in manageable portions. 3. It employs some dynamite prayers. Like the Lord’s Prayer.  4. There is an artist’s hand in selecting and combining readings, refrains, and prayers. The payoff, when you get into the rhythm of this thing, God talks to you through these psalms and refrains and readings, like he’s just been waiting to get a word in edgewise, and now that you’re giving him half a chance, he’s got some things to say.

Return Wednesday for this week’s expanded practical tip.

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