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On Sunday, Pastor Donnell suggested two practical tips. This one was the second one:

At your next shared meal, try this exercise of mindfulness. Look around the table and spend a moment making eye contact with each person. Silently offer an inward blessing for each person, one person at a time. As you acknowledge who is at the table, consider who isn’t at the table. Acknowledge that the people and the food that you will share is a gift. Become mindful of the miracle of the food brought to the table for our health and enjoyment — the farmers and the workers who cooperated with the earth and sky to produce the food, the labor that harvested it, those who transported and prepared it to make it available to us.

Consider when during the week it would work to perform this exercise. As the meal approaches, ask God to be present with you as you go through the exercise. Read the exercise a few times so you can recall it during the meal and can be fully present to those at the table while still performing the exercise.

When you have some time after the meal, review your experience of the meal with God. What did you see as you went around the table making eye contact with each person? You might ask God what he sees when he looks at them? Was it easy to bless the others at the table or difficult? Share your experience with God. You might ask him how he would like to bless them? Did you think of anyone who was missing? If so, how did this make you feel? If you think the feeling was significant, you might share this with God. How did you feel when you thanked God for the gift of the food that you ate, and the farmer and other workers, etc.? Was this something that you typically do or something new? You might share your experience of this gratitude with God. If you journal, you might write down your experiences from this prayer.

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