Blessed Are the Morally Ambiguous People


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Pastor Donnell asked us on Sunday to join him in reading the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5, 6, and 7) this week. This is a lot of Scripture to take in one sitting, so feel free to break it up into several sections (e.g., maybe set out to read one chapter on any one day).  You might note where Jesus is announcing good news to folks, and ask yourself why is what Jesus is saying “good news” to them? When you note this happening, ask yourself if you need Jesus to announce good news to you. If so, ask Jesus to do exactly that, announce His good news to you.  If you have some sense of “bad news” coming from Jesus as you try to do this, share this sense of bad news with Him.  See if this is consistent with the good news that Jesus is pronouncing to the crowd in the gospel of Matthew.

Another way to pray with these passages is to read a chapter or even smaller section of Matthew 5-7 several times slowly.  You can read it out loud, or to yourself, but in either case, try to read slowly.  Try not to do “Bible Study” while you are doing this, but focus on the understanding of the passage which seems clear to you at the time.  Each time through the Bible passage, make a mental note of the place or places which touch a chord in you, either positively or negatively.  As you read the passage again, focus especially on those places and be open to God moving your spirit in one way or another as you read it again.  The third time through, you might just read the portion of the passage where God seems to be working.  Sit with the words for awhile and simply be open to whatever God might have for you.

May God bless your prayer and the rest of this week.

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