Discovering & Following a God Who Goes All In With Us


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Is there anything you want from God?

God knows what we need before we can communicate it clearly to him. He knows the longings of our hearts, our desire to be whole and to be wholly loved, accepted, and welcomed. He knows that we need forgiveness, and he knows that it’s the pathway to restoration. He invites us to trust him as the loving Father that he is. Are you willing be vulnerable as a child and receive from him?

Find some time and a comfortable space. If it is helpful for you, light a candle as a tangible sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Situate yourself in a posture of openness— open hands or an upturned face can be physical cues to being spiritually open for what Jesus has to offer us. Instead of using this time to ask for something, try to tune your heart to receive what God has to offer to you. Remember that your needs—all of your needs, as well as your desires are already known by your Father. Practicing trusting whatever you receive from God in this space. It may not be the need or longing that is at the top of your list. But give the Lord the benefit of the doubt and trust that what you are receiving is what you need the most. Even if it is challenging. Even if it is silence. Like the story of Abram, receiving from God can feel quite risky. Notice how you are feeling in this posture. Do not push off any feelings of discomfort and fear. Instead, offer them back to God, asking that they be slowly transformed into deeper trust.

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