Following God in an Unstable World: Sermon #2


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As we explore together God’s call to costly peacemaking, take some time to reflect on Romans 12:9-21. Settle yourself comfortably somewhere peaceful, and ask the Holy Spirit to be present to you and guide you through the text as you read. Read through the verses slowly. Be attentive to your heart as you read. Does something jump out at you? Does a particular imperative or invitation convict you? Spend some time on a short word or phrase that stuck with you as you read. Consider the implications of that section on your life. What would it look like to fully embody that call? What sacrifices would be required? How might it deepen your experience of trust in God’s love? In what ways would seeking to live in this way bring you to more fully reflect Christ? Spend some time in prayer through the rest of the week asking God to invite you into specific, tangible, and feasible ways of pursuing costly peace, giving particular emphasis to whichever part of the Romans passage was most meaningful or challenging for you.

Feel free to share your experience with others who have also tried this prayer exercise by commenting below or emailing:

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