Resemble God!


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What happens if the person you are in conflict with doesn’t realize there’s a conflict? Or what if they don’t recognize any wrong-doing on their part?

What is your responsibility in the conflict?

Don’t be angry with them?
Don’t condemn the person?
Forget the wrong ever happened or act like it never happened?

You might consider what are you angry about and who with?
What was your expectation prior to the situation that resulted in your anger?
Where did you get that expectation?
Who disappointed you? The perpetrator? God?

Remember that last “Blessed” in the Beatitudes?
What if persecuted means just being taken advantage of? Or, being a person who trusts that God will provide?

Jesus invites us to live in the tension of the Kingdom. Being Kingdom people is hard.


  1. Discovery Bible Study Form
  2. Discovery Bible Study Example Form

Use the created handout for you this week. It’s a sheet of paper divided into three columns. The left most column has the scripture we studied today, you are invited to rewrite the passage in your own words as means to extract what it means using your own words, then the rightmost column invites you to consider what you must do to obey.

Feel free to share your experience with others who have also tried this prayer exercise by commenting below or emailing:

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